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Happy endings

- From abandonment to... happiness -

Happy endings are stories about lucky strays that found their new families. Discover their wonderful journey from abandonment to happiness!


    Gulius was left outside the shelter together with his brothers.
    He grew up to be a wonderful and sweet dogs towards people and other dogs.
    He is a low energy puppy of 10 months old and 17 kgs, who loves to play and take long walks on the lead.
    Gulius could become a great family member.


    She was found in the street together with her sister and she's now with us at the shelter where she plays and enjoys the company of people and other dogs. Very sweet and affectionate , she's learning fast on how to walk on the leash and respond to basic commands.


    A sweet and affectionate puppy, full of energy , she's is being trained in basic commands and how to walk on the lead .
    Very social and playful with people and other dogs.

  • ΜΑΥΑ

    Maya came with her only puppy at the shelter and raised him with love. She was very afraid of people but managed to overcome most of her fears and become a loving and affectionate dog as soon as someone gains her trust.
    She walks on the lead and loves to be petted.

  • FUGA

    Do you feel like dancing ?? Tango & Fuga are ready to teach you all the moves and make you feel like a professional dancer. They were born in the streets of Oropos and ever since they came to us, they didn't stop playing and dancing. One boy and one girl, 5 months old, social and playful, are looking for their forever homes


    Lorentzo is a small sized setter who was found running on the highway trying to avoid the cars.
    He is one of the sweetest dogs at the shelter and absolutely loves playing with other dogs and being cuddled .
    Unlike most hunting dogs, Lorentzo is a very low energy dog, who likes laying on the couch and would be ideal for a family with children and cats.
    He is healthy, walks nicely on the lead and is neutered and vaccinated.