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More Information

The Shelter

- Our facilities -

At Oropos, in a beautiful location, a model animal shelter has been created with love and care that will be housing our stray companions. The shelter offers each animal its own individual accommodation, has a fully equipped clinic for first aid, neutering, vaccination and temporary hospitalization.

The animals are taken care of within our premises until they are adopted or alternatively, they will be set free into their natural environment, neutered and in good health. We aspire for Fanos to evolve into a center which will teach how to treat animals with respect and moreover become a hub of communication for all animal lovers.

- What we offer -

  • Vet clinic
  • 1.004 vaccinations & microchips (2015-2017)
  • 446 neuterings (2017)
  • Educational programs for public and private school students

- Our shelter in numbers -

  • 100+ adoptions per year
  • 50 acres
  • 15 volunteers
  • 7 members of staff