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Happy endings

- From abandonment to... happiness -

Happy endings are stories about lucky strays that found their new families. Discover their wonderful journey from abandonment to happiness!

  • NERO

    Nero is a wonderful dog who shares his breed's best characteristics.
    Especially affectionate with people, he loves being petted and pleasing his humans in every possible way.
    He gets along with everyone and shows his love by “kissing” the face of his dearest friend Lorentzo, with whom he shares his kennel.
    Nero is healthy, walks perfectly on the lead and would be a perfect addition to a family with children and cats.

  • DAYA

    Daya is something like honey yogurt: that soft and that necessary. She is a sweat, tender and very human centered dog. The kind of dog you adopt today, and tomorrow you can have her sitting on your feet while you take your breakfast and while people ask you if you have trained her yourself to sit and to give her you paw. She is about three years old, healthy and very smart. She’s looking for that one and only person who will look right into her pitch black eyes and see the companion he always dreamed of.


    He was found one day wandering in the area of Oropos. He’s been with us the last couple of months and enjoys the company of humans and other dogs. He’s now 4,5 months old, healthy and fully vaccinated. He’s social and playful and likes playing with toys and other dogs.


    Rosalia was sent away from a church yard and where she had found shelter until she came to ours a few months ago, because she was staining the white marbles with her blood. Obviously exhausted and starved she was diagnosed with bleeding tumors on the breast and heart murmur where she had a succesful surgery.

    Today she is striking poses on camera like a real diva to remind us all the gracious origins of her race and the fact that as the time goes by, the wisdom and the beauty that lies beneath us features.

    She is over 10 years old, she has cataract, heart disease and selfless love for every human, even after the pain they caused her.


    Bazou was just a little creature, walking around, lost on the edge of the road, next to cars that seemed massive compared to him, with an old collar and loneliness as his only friend. Very soon, he gained weight, became handsome and is now one of our best buddies. He is very intelligent, expresses unique talent at learning new commands and has a huge heart and a charming personality. 

  • GARY

    Gary came to us with traumas from his past life but, we believe we offered him all he needed to forget and make a new start. He is good with people and the other dogs, walks on the lead and loves to play and run long distances by your side.
    A young, big sized griffon of 20 kilos, who would be an ideal partner in sports activities.
    Healthy, neutered and vaccinated, he's at the shelter waiting for a new family.