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Happy endings

- From abandonment to... happiness -

Happy endings are stories about lucky strays that found their new families. Discover their wonderful journey from abandonment to happiness!


    Faros is probable the most well behaved puppy of the shelter.
    He was found in the beach of Oropos, wandering all alone. He is famous for his soft fur, his sweet character and his fat belly.
    He has already been clicker trained in basic commands and he's been the best student at his class. Good with all the other dogs, he loves people that hug him and pet him.
    Faros would be ideal in a family with kids.

  • YUKI

    Yuki was found abandoned in a village.
    A tiny little girl, white as a snowflake, that could fit in a hand.
    She grew up and turned out to be a social, friendly and affectionate little girl of 6 months and 5 kilos.
    She is waiting at the shelter for that special person, who will treat her as a family member and give her all the love she deserves.

  • BOZO

    Bozo is the ultimate clown of the shelter. He likes to tease and play with everybody, humans and dogs. Loves children and he would be ideal in family with kids who will have the energy to play with him. He's about 15 months old, 10 kgs , healthy, neutered and vaccinated. Our little short clown is ready to find a family of his own.


    Gennie was found in the mountains. The usual place, where most unwanted hunting dogs end up wandering, after serving their human for years. Gennie has delivered the sufficient number of puppies and she was no longer useful.She was left alone to find food and survive in a place where starvation turned her into a skeleton. Fortunately, she was spotted in time and brought to the shelter where she now enjoys a few good meals and the company of other dogs.
    She is a very affectionate and sociable small sized pointer, full of energy, who likes to run and enjoys long walks on the lead.
    We know that Gennie is not young, but we hope that someone will appreciate her sweet temperament and will offer her the life she deserves.


    Gulius was left outside the shelter together with his brothers.
    He grew up to be a wonderful and sweet dogs towards people and other dogs.
    He is a low energy puppy of 10 months old and 17 kgs, who loves to play and take long walks on the lead.
    Gulius could become a great family member.

  • Raksa

    Raksa was collected from a very busy road in panik as she was trying to avoid cars.
    She is about 13 kgs and loves plaing with other dogs but she is reserved and timid towards people she doesn't know until she feels safe.
    very sweet and affectionate.