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Zoe was a silent, calm and sweet girl since the first day she came to us, skinny, sick and reluctant. Today she is healthy, she has gained weight and she remains a calm, quiet and sweet dog. When you enter the park, while everyone else jumps around you asking for attention, Zoe sits quietly in a corner, looking at you, asking for attention too the only way she knows how to. If you go to her, she will generously offer you all her love and kindness, and if you ignore her, she will remain in her place, looking at you silently with those beautiful eyes of hers. She is a calm, quiet dog. Despite her young age, she hides within her a wisdom and serenity that takes many years, even many lives to conquer. She is looking for a family, a human, a home.

  • Name
  • Birthdate
    Aug. 12, 2015
  • Horoscope
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  • Microchip
  • Size
    26+ kg